June 2018: Weekly Devotional Messages

June 18: Click here to  view Message, titled: Help from above.

May 2018: Weekly Devotional Messages

May 30: Click here to  view Message, titled: God’s Promises are at His discretion.

May 14: Click here to  view Message, titled: Accessing the promise of Abundant life.

April 2018: Weekly Devotional Messages

April 27: Click here to  view Message, titled: Pulling the trigger for God’s Promises.

April 04: Click here to  view Message, titled: The Resurrection made Grace available.

March 2018: Weekly Devotional Messages

March 22: Click here to  view Message, titled: The carriers of Grace .

March 16: Click here to  view Message, titled: Evidence of Grace II.

March 05: Click here to  view Message, titled: Evidence of Grace.

February 2018: Weekly Devotional Messages

February 26: Click here to  view Message, titled: Continuous Flow of Grace.

February 19: Click here to  view Message, titled: The Killers of Grace.

February 12: Click here to  view Message, titled: Grace Empowers.

February 05: Click here to  view Message, titled: By the Grace of God, I am what I am : The nature of Grace.

January 2018: Weekly Devotional Messages

January 29: Click here to  view Message, titled: Cultivating and leveraging on the presence of God.

January 22: Click here to  view Message, titled: The Glory in His presence

January 15: Click here to  view Message, titled: Starting a relationship with God.

January 08: Click here to  view Message, titled: Trust God even if you don’t trust yourself

January 01: Click here to  view Message, titled: God’s Mercy: our gateway to flying high

December 2017: Weekly Devotional Messages

December 25: Click here to  view Message, titled: Do not settle for less: start over.

December 18: Click here to  view Message, titled: Let Him be praised and honored

December 11: Click here to  view Message, titled: Time to celebrate.

December 04: Click here to  view Message, titled: Counting our blessings.

November 2017: Weekly Devotional Messages

November 27: Click here to  view Message, titled: We can, even with our imperfections.

November 20: Click here to  view Message, titled:God made us good.

November 13: Click here to  view Message, titled:Like an Eagle.

November 06: Click here to  view Message, titled:Riding the waves.

October 2017: Weekly Devotional Messages

October 30: Click here to  view Message, titled:Shine without limits : Open invitation, Equal opportunity, but diverse gifts

October 23: Click here to  view Message, titled:The light upon the lamp stand.

October 16: Click here to  view Message, titled: It’s time to shine

October 09: Click here to  view Message, titled: Becoming a reference point.

October 02: Click here to  view Message, titled: Tracking
our life’s journey

September 2017: Weekly Devotional Messages

September 25: Click here to  view Message, titled: Ambitious
but Content

September 18: Click here to  view Message, titled: Getting
back on our feet.

September 11: Click here to  view Message, titled: The danger
of  cutting corners.

September 04: Click here to  view Message, titled: The Fear Factor.

August 2017: Weekly Devotional Messages

August 28: Click here to  view Message, titled: Choosing Excellence.

August 21: Click here to  view Message, titled: The sound of your
feet…actions that trigger the strongest upward motion.

August 14: Click here to  view Message, titled: Failure is not an option,quittingis not acceptable.

August 07: Click here to  view Message, titled: Handling dream killers ..the force of persistence.

July 2017: Weekly Devotional Messages

July 31: Click here to  view Message, titled: Putting your Passion
into motion

July 24: Click here to  view Message, titled: The key to Actualization: Pursuit

July 17: Click here to  view Message, titled: Relating with your company: social intelligence

July 10: Click here to  view Message, titled: Getting on to
God’s company.

July 03: Click here to  view Message, titled: Choosing your company for a successful life journey.

June 2017: Weekly Devotional Messages

June 26: Click here to  view Message, titled: Successful Life Planning 

June 19: Click here to  view Message, titled: Planning, a key feature of preparation.

June 12: Click here to  view Message, titled: Listening to the voice in our head.

June O5: Click here to  view Message, titled: The voice in our head… applying your learnings.

May 2017: Weekly Devotional Messages

May 29: Click here to  view Message, titled: Learning:
sources and challenges.

May 22: Click here to  view Message, titled: Complete self care: continuous learning.

May 15: Click here to  view Message, titled: Self care : Building complementary skills.

May 08: Click here to  view Message, titled: Our duty of self- care: Enhancing yourself.

May 01: Click here to  view Message, titled: Empty that Garbage.

April 2017: Weekly Devotional Messages

April 24: Click here to  view Message, titled: I love being Me !

April 17: Click here to  view Message, titled: One minute self
– introduction

April 10: Click here to  view Message, titled: And the journey begins….Go

April 03: Click here to  view Message, titled:Get Set …. Fair and square assessment.

March 2017 : Weekly Devotional Messages

March 27: Click here to  view Message, titled:On your marks…. Psyching yourself for the task ahead.

March 20: Click here to  view Message, titled:The stages of your journey.

March 13: Click here to  view Message, titled: The journey is as important as the destination.

March 6: Click here to  view Message, titled: Finding the strength to get going…

February 2017: Weekly Devotional Messages

February 27: Click here to  view Message, titled: Is your dream worth a lifetime pursuit ?

February 20: Click here to  view Message, titled: Seeing beyond the bend… to your destination.

February 13: Click here to  view Message, titled: Creating the dream worth your while!

February 06: Click here to  view Message, titled: Moving on from here….Defining your destination.

January 26 – 30: The Good Start

January 26: Click here to  view the devotional message

October 2014:

God’s Kind of dominance

it’s a free world, why Dominate?

Dominate what?

October 13 – 19: God’s kind of dominance 

October 13: click here to view the devotional message

October 14: click here to view the devotional message

October 15: click here to view the devotional message

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