Dearly beloved,

We would be most delighted to welcome you to the Living Word Assembly family, a glorious gathering of royal people designated by the Most High Himself as you walk in to any of our worship centers on Sunday or at our special events. Our utmost desire  is that at every service you attend, you walk into the warm welcome of real people, refreshed by good music, and inspired by God’s word that releases within you the passion to live your life to the fullest. Living Word Assembly is a place where people
from diverse denominations or no church background at all can feel at home.

Our drive is to help every believer in Christ  live a life of dominion,  freely using their God-given gifts and talents in the pursuit
of their life’s purpose reflected in their dreams.  Irrespective of where you are in your life’s journey, we are here to help you gain the understanding, skills and audacity to succeed.

if you’re new to the Living Word Assembly, or if you have been here for a  while and are now taking steps to get more involved, you have certainly made a good  choice!

                                                        What to expect when you arrive:

– Messages that apply to everyday life and that encourage you to respond to your God given abilities .
– A warm welcome to new comers and immediate acceptance into the family
– Freedom to be your self and worship God in liberty
– Encouragement to use your gifts to God’s glory
– Practical help as you find your way to dominating your world.