Back in 1981, as  an undergraduate at the then University of Ife ( now Obafemi Awolowo University) Ile-Ife, I had a vision wherein  I saw a number of believers who though were in the Lord, were living disjointed and unfulfilled lives. The Lord then explained to me that they were in this state wherein they were , because their foundations were shaky. The foundation, He told me was CHARACTER.

That vision continued to drive me for  many years to seek ways to help believers build this foundation.  To further prepare myself, I attended the Deeper life Bible college and later the Life theological Seminary.

In a second vision, The Lord showed me a beautiful building with an excellent facade. To my surprise, I saw some cracks within the building especially on the pillars and the beams, The Lord told me that within a short time, this building will collapse despite it’s beauty.  He explained to me that the reason is the cracked pillars and beams that the building rest upon.  He taught me that the pillar is a symbol of the CHARACTER , while the beam stand for the CHARISMA in the life of a man. The character sustains the charisma and without the two, life’s purpose cannot be achieved.

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalm 11:3

In 1997, this burning desire to help believers build their foundations, led me to ‘step out ‘ in faith with my immediate family to pioneer the Living Word Assembly also known as the chapel of Royalty.  For believers, all of our life’s purpose although varied lies in our ability to exercise priestly and kingship authority in this world. The presence of the King is announced by his personal branding and this precedes the exercise of his charisma.

I want to teach believers that as they ‘put on the character of Christ’, His fragrance will be released through us and therein lies our ability to occupy till HE comes!!!

I want to reach out to those who have missed their way , that through HIS WORD AND THE ANOINTING THAT COMES FROM HIS PRESENCE AND OBEDIENCE TO HIS WORD, direct them back to the path of dominance and achievement of their life’s purpose.

Finally, I want to provide a conducive setting for the family, the unified network God established to enable everyone find their feet,
fight the battle of life successfully and run the race of life to the end triumphantly.