The Living Word Assembly,  also know as the chapel of royalty.

We at the Living  Word Assembly FAMILY are committed to creating an enabling environment and provide tools which trigger the passion in people to identify, pursue and fulfill  their God-given purpose, dominating their  world with God’s word. We work at igniting an in-consumable fire into the hearts of the people intending to sharpen their  minds getting them ready to face the world  in order to dominate it.

The church is structured of achieve four main objectives:

Worship– Where God is adored  well and HE refreshes the men that worship HIM in Spirit.
Instruction– Sound teaching relevant to address the challenges of the 21st  century and beyond for people of all ages.
Fellowship – Open and 
warm interaction as we encourage and help each other be the best, we can be to God’s ultimate glory.
Evangelism– Spreading the gospel of peace.

The World is based on  the foundation of God’s word, therefore we invite you to come and join us at any of our worship centers as  we open up for and to you a new exciting world. You can also contact us on telephone and email, click here. We would be glad to assist you to find your way through.